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Before I photograph your story, let me tell you mine…

Born in the Netherlands, I started my modeling career at the age of 14, so I know all about how awkward it can feel in front of the lens. My job took me to the furthest corners of the world where I made sure to document my experiences.

When the photographers saw my work they always pushed me to develop my skills on the other side of the camera, but I thought nothing of it until I became a mother. I wanted to capture all those amazing, quirky and sometimes difficult moments that come with raising a child, so I started thinking about photography more seriously.

As I have spent years posing and selling dreams, I wanted something different for a family shoot. My approach to a photo session differs from traditional photographers as I don’t aim for “picture perfect”. I meet families and spend time with them, sometimes lurking in the background, sometimes playing with the kids, documenting their everyday life.

Pictures can be during play time, a family meal, reading stories etc. My goal is to capture authentic, simple moments and emotions as these always end up being the most magical looking back years later. It is about the soul of your family, about the story of your life.

I am self-taught, mentored by talented photographers, who continue to review my work. To perfect my skills I took classes at Central Saint Martins.

I speak Dutch, English and French fluently and have an understanding of German.



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